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Coffee Rice House-Oceano, Ca.

In continuing with my Halloween Series of mysterious places around San Luis Obispo county have you ever noticed the gorgeous white Victorian mansion in the middle of the mobile home park in Oceano off Highway 1? That gorgeous home is called the Coffee Rice House.

Built in 1885 for Coffee T. Rice and his family. Yes, that’s right, his name was Coffee Rice. It was designed by the same architect that designed the Pitkin-Conrow house in nearby Arroyo Grande.

The home was a stunning 20 room Victorian with marble bathtubs, fireplaces and sinks as well as imported Italian tile. There was an oval driveway, racetrack, sundial and pillared driveway. The grounds had additional outbuildings. The estate must have been amazing in the time.

Coffee Rice came from Ohio to San Francisco and made his way to Oceano buying properties along the way in hopes of the railway system slated to be put on that path. He introduced celery production to the area in his entrepreneurship. Unfortunately the railway system took some time to put in and he was long gone from the area by the time it went in here.

The family had nothing but misfortune living here. Their young son died in a tragic accident and his wife died not long afterwards. He was only in the home for about 10 years. Coffee T. Rice is as long gone before the railroad system ever went into our area.

There are whispers that the house still possesses wondering spirits of times past. There are also tales of blood stains appearing in the foyer and as much a you try to wash them away, they come back.

The home is now surrounded by a mobile home Park with an office inside. I didn’t film there because there are several residences around and I didn’t want to disturb anyone.

Next time you drive through Oceano via Highway 1, take a look at this gorgeous home, it is located between 25th St. & Elm. She is a gem of architecture to behold and I wanted to share this tale of mystery with you during this Halloween season. You have a happy and safe Halloween season ahead.

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