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Adelaida Cemetary-Paso Robles

👻Just in time for Halloween, I’m sharing some scary folklore.🎃 There is a place in North County called Adelaida Cemetery where legend has it the spirit of young Charlotte Stitton, a 19 year old wife of a minister wonders the grounds every Friday night from 10 pm to Midnight. It is said that Charlotte committed suicide after her young child died of diphtheria in December of 1890. Some say she wheres a long gown of white and others say it is a flowing pink gown. She has been seen laying flowers at the grave of her child. It is a sad story interwoven in the rich folklore of our county.

The cemetery is located at 9899 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles. It has been said it was in disrepair for years but has recently been taken better care of. Open from sun up to sun down, do not enter the cemetery at night. It is private property and you would be trespassing. I also stopped by the historic Adelaida Schoolhouse on the way out of town. It is fully fenced and on private property as well. The landscape out that way is gorgeous and worth the ride, whether looking for folklore or wanting to enjoy the countryside. I love our county and I love sharing it with you. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Have a SLO Happy Day!

Shannon Bowdey, SLO County Realtor

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