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Branches of Wellness-Arroyo Grande

Self Care Saturday-Episode 2

My bonus daughter Becca discovered this great self-care clinic located right in the beautiful Village of Arroyo Grande where she had acupuncture and cupping done. These are two practices I have always been curious about but worried about getting stuck by small needles and have giant suction marks on my body. I had seen her come back from her sessions a few times and finally I decided I will make an appointment as well.

It is a beautiful little clinic located right on Mason St. with a view of Mason Bar nearby. It is a cute little older home with private rooms for the patients with a warm and welcoming environment. My therapist's name is Jenny Dull-Frost and she did an excellent job calming my anxiety about getting stuck. She went over what issues I have with pain and what my health concerns are? After getting to know those things about me, we then started our session.

The acupuncture was actually relaxing. I really did not feel like I was being stuck with needles. The only part on my body where I felt it was on my ankle that is somewhat sensitive already. I even fell asleep on the table at one point.

When Jenny was done with the acupuncture, she started the cupping on my back. That was relatively painless as well. I did have some big purple spots on my back afterwards but they went away in a few days. I was told the more purple the spots the more toxins are in that area of my body. The biggest spot was located on the back of my left shoulder where I have regular pain. I was very impressed with my session and booked my next one in three weeks. That evening I slept like a baby.

I can feel the pain in my shoulder subsiding and I look forward to improvement in that should with continued treatments. Jenny also suggested some holistic oil drops to help with my stress. I have been taking them regularly since our session and they have worked wonders with keeping me calm.

If you were ever curious about having either of these practices done, I highly suggest. You will thank yourself afterwards.

Branches of Wellness

113 N Mason St

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420


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